Our Preschool room caters for children from 3 years to school age.

Preschoolers are learning to make sense of the world, they are developing literacy, numeracy and social skills and they have a growing sense of who they are and their place in the world around them.

We provide an exciting, challenging, and complex learning environment for individual and group experiences.

The environment encourages independence and our role is to support all children to reach their full potential and grow to become confident and competent in all they do.

Children are supported in their relationships and are sensitively guided to find peaceful resolutions to social challenges. They are empowered to be independent and take responsibility for themselves, their belongings and their actions.

Literacy and numeracy are entwined through the environment and the many experiences provided for children.

The emergent curriculum provides opportunities for children to pursue their individual interests in a meaningful purposeful way, which can mean using a variety of resources in many different and inventive ways...their imagination is limitless.

School readiness is integrated into our daily programme. We also offer a ‘Get Ready Spaghetti’ programme, designed for our 4 year old children to help prepare them for a successful transition to school.

Our ‘Get Ready Spaghetti’ programme does not mean your child will learn to read and write before they go to school, instead we focus on many aspects involved in being ready for school, including...

  • Further developing their confidence
  • Continuing to grow their communication
  • Relating to others
  • Understanding social rules and concepts (eg raising your hand on the mat, etc)
  • Preparing their own lunch boxes on our lunch box days,
  • Participating in our take home library book system,
  • Increased responsibilities in self help and self care skills,
  • Increased responsibilities in looking after their belongings
  • Recognising their own name

Our Team

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Tim – Team Leader

I see early childhood as a time of wonder and discovery, where children can follow their interests and interact with all the beautiful natural resources we have around us. I value being in a place where you can see the enjoyment, eagerness to know more, and excitement from the children and teachers as they learn together.



Kia ora everyone, I am delighted to be a part of the teaching team here at The Pentagon. I am a qualified teacher with 12 years teaching experience and I am still big believer that the early years should be MAGICAL. I am passionate about imaginative play, I enjoy being a part of the children’s adventures and exploring the natural environment. I am looking forward to discovering the wonderful surroundings that we have here with the children. As an educator, my main goal is to create a LOVE for learning, learning should be fun and I strive for the children in my care to become lifelong learners. Parent partnerships and community involvement are also very important to me so I am looking forward to getting to know you and your family.


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